Our Favorite Up & Coming Irish Acts for 2016

We know... we can't believe this year has already flown by and we're now headed into 2016! While we have a lot coming up in the new year with all of our acts, we are also excited about all the amazing music that has been coming out of Ireland this year. Here are some of the groups and artists we have high expectations for in the new year!


Elm are a five-piece group who are set to conquer 2016. The Dublin-based musicians bring a melancholic vibe to rock music, using cello and captivating vocals to create a sound that is sure to keep you listening. We first saw Elm performing at Hard Working Class Heroes just before our very own Maud in Cahoots. The group clearly made an impression at the festival not only with us and their audience but also with Robomagic's CEO Rob Hallett. Hallett spoke about the group during his panel at HWCH, commending their hard work and performance. 

After creating a great buzz during the Dublin festival, Elm were invited to perform at the prestigious Other Voices festival in Dingle which they took by storm (literally, thanks to the weather). It was yet another great example of how they showcase their talent to a crowd of new fans and their adoring, existing fans alike.

With plans to release a new single and travel to North America in the new year, their latest single "Amends" getting some well-deserved radio spins and the dedication the young rockers show, we can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for Elm. You can listen to "Amends" below!


To say it's been a big year for Bitch Falcon would be an absolute understatement. Though they started in 2014, this was the year they grabbed everyone's attention and kept it. There's no doubts or combining genres when it comes to Bitch Falcon: they are a pure rock band and everything about them makes that clear. Play one of their songs and you are immediately greeted with heavy guitars and female rock vocals that make you feel like you're front and center at a gig.

Their live shows are highly anticipated by all of their listeners as proven by this year's Irish Times Ticket Awards where they were among the top five Best Irish Acts. They topped many lists of most anticipated acts for Hard Working Class Heroes and most definitely followed through with the hype with both their HWCH and Other Voices performances. After a string of great live shows around Dublin and a year filled with hard work and amazing music, we're sure we don't need to remind you: keep your eyes and ears on Bitch Falcon!

Check out their latest single and our favorite, "TMJ" below - that chorus has been stuck in our head for months now!


After blowing away the audience at our Merry Synthmas show on Saturday, we're absolutely sure of it: Cut Once are here to stay on the electronic music scene. Duo Aisling and Michael are paired perfectly to combine show-stopping vocals and hypnotizing beats. Their self-titled EP which was released earlier this year is just a taste of what this group has to bring to the table. All five tracks on their debut extended play demand attention. They have masterfully balanced releasing a diverse showcase of all the different things they can do while maintaining a solid identity throughout. 

Cut Once are finishing out a great year by opening for Kormac's Big Band on New Year's Eve at the Button Factory - we can't wait for what is shaping up to be a great end of year celebration. Watch their latest video for "Playing With Fire" which premiered on Indietronica below:

Let us know what Irish artists you've been hooked on this year in the comments below!