JERRY FISH: 2015 Highlights

2015 has been the year of the Electric Sideshow!

Electric Picnic

The Sideshow kicked off this year at its usual location: Electric Picnic. The Sideshow lasted for three days with an amazing line-up including The Strypes, Sultans of Ping, Fight Like Apes, R.S.A.G., Maud in Cahoots and many, many more! Not to mention the incredible performance by the ringmaster himself including all the sideshow sweethearts.

The Late Late Show

Jerry, The Minutes, and R.S.A.G. gave Ireland a preview of what was to come at the Electric Sideshow On Tour with a legendary performance of "Barefoot And Free" on the Late Late Show!

Electric Sideshow On Tour

Jerry closed out 2015 with a bang - three incredible Electric Sideshow Tours in Cork, Dublin, and Limerick! With guests including The Strypes, The Minutes, Stomptown Brass, Johnny Stewart and many more, Jerry was able to bring the energy of his Electric Picnic stage to intimate venues to hold everyone over until next summer!

Big love to Jerry on an electric 2015!