A Whole Lot of News...

This post is going to be packed to the brim with exciting news to fill up your summer schedule! We know it's been a while, so bear with us as we catch you up on all the amazing things we've been planning...

If you haven't heard by now, KORMAC is out and about on his Live A-V Tour! Kicking off in Cork last weekend, Kormac, his drummer and special guest vocalists are performing originals and remixes to custom-made visuals. With a show in Limerick tonight and more Ireland and UK dates coming, it's not too late to catch this entrancing show. Kormac's A-V show will also be live at FORBIDDEN FRUIT this year!

The brilliant M.i.C. have written a brand new live concept album titled "Recovery"! Written by Maud and Zoe, "Recovery" will be performed live at the Project Arts Centre from April 19-23. Remember, this album will not be recorded and released, so this is your limited chance to hear new and beautiful music from the Ni Riordain sisters. The show stars our very own Maud and Peter Coonan (who you may know from Love/Hate)! They have also started a crowdfunding campaign for the show which you can read about and donate to here

JERRY FISH took his carnival on the road this year, but THE ELECTRIC SIDESHOW  is returning to its home at ELECTRIC PICNIC this year! Complete with carnival spectaculars, the tent will be packed with special guest performers and will culminate in a pure rock 'n' roll performance by the ringmaster himself and his band. Jerry and the band are also touring this Spring following the release of his latest single. More to come soon!

Jerry will also be performing at this years Townlands Carnival, an amazing festival that we are so looking forward to!

MARK MCCABE is touring the world at the moment! Kicking off in the UAE with shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mark will be celebrating Paddy's Day in Bondi Beach, Australia... as if he needed the sun after rocking the Copper's Ski Trip in Andorra. (We're a little bit jealous of all the warm adventures if you couldn't tell!)

THE BLIZZARDS are BACK! We're delighted that they're playing INDIEPENDENCE with THE STRYPES  (who are off touring the UK at the moment!) but before they make their grand Irish return, they're playing a few warm up gigs in Scotland. Tickets are on sale NOW and can be purchased on Ticketmaster.

June 23 - Hootananny's - Inverness
June 24 - King Tut's - Glasgow
June 25 - Electric Circus - Edinburgh

indie 2016.jpg

We're not done yet...THE STRYPES and LE GALAXIE are headed to Belfast to play SUNFLOWER FEST - could it get any better?!

Not to mention, LE GALAXIE are very special guests at one of the biggest events of the year, FAITHLESS at Royal Hospital Kilmainham!

Our favorite rockers BITCH FALCON are exploding onto the scene and are sure to catch everyone's eye at SEA SESSIONS (along with CUT ONCE) and BODY AND SOUL! As Hot Press said, it's the last call to get on the "I knew Bitch Falcon before they were huge" hipster train before it leaves the station.

Last, but certainly not least, PADDY DENNEHY & THE RED HERRING more than made a name for themselves after their smashing performance of the song that's been stuck in our heads for a week now... "Hard Times"! If you weren't lucky enough to catch it live, you can watch the performance below, or catch them at ELECTRIC PICNIC this summer or at DOLAN'S LIMERICK on May 7!

Don't worry, we'll be sure to remind you of all this again! Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@cwbdotie) and join our mailing list for more updates.