Le Galaxie + Kormac in LONDON


Time to embrace your Irish side... and PARTY! LE GALAXIE, KORMAC, ARVEENE & CICI are coming to you live in the Red Gallery for "What Is Ireland?"

"What Is Ireland? is an exclusive one-off exploration of contemporary and futuristic Irish art and culture which takes place in London exactly 100 years after the weekend of the Easter Rising 1916, an event which altered the course of Irish history forever. This unique party acknowledges the cultural and artistic contribution that Ireland has made in the past 100 years — and emphasises the massive positive impact this still young State could and should make on Europe and the world in the century ahead.

That Le Galaxie are the centrepiece of this exhibition event is most fitting: their engaging performances are an immersive experience for all audiences; few other acts imbue the spirit of contemporary enthusiasm so prevalent in Irish clubs, concerts, theatres and galleries.

DJs flanking Le Galaxie at this special occasion include CiCi Kavanagh and Arveene, whose work as a dancefloor orchestrator and vanguard music producer has epitomised the exciting cosmopolitan culture which grips his native land.

Not to mention Kormac, a game-changing entertainer best described as a revolution in a DJ box; his are sets permeated by a retro-futuristic approach that sums up What Is Ireland?"

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