2017 In Review: The Blizzards

The Blizzards rang in the New Year the best way they know how - performing live in Stephen's Green for New Year's Festival! We were also treated to a late Christmas present when "Drop Down The Anchor" was named the #1 most played Irish independent track on radio for 2016!


The Mullingar five piece kept the momentum going with the release of their single, "Second Wind" on March 3!


They then headed to London where they sold out the Electric Ballroom while headlining the first ever Emerald Sounds festival. While they were there they shot a little video for "Second Wind"!

They also dropped an excellent cover of a 2017 hit - Neiked's "Sexual" which became a crowd favourite in their live set.

The band then took to the road and did a sold out Irish tour called "Back to Basics", hitting all the towns and venues that have supported them along the way.


Probably the most memorable show of the year took place over the summer when the Blizzards supported the 1975 in Malahide Castle!

Shortly after, the band released 80's inspired single "Show Me The Science" which was yet again, another radio hit! Bressie explained the message behind the song saying, 

"The initial lyric idea came from an interview I was listening to on the radio about how we can now use algorithms to find love and I thought to myself, 'that's a load of sh*t'. I think trying to equate love to science almost takes the magic out of it. The song also comes from the idea that everything seems to have been vilified by science. I'd like to think that there are still things in the world that we are not meant to fully understand."

Bressie adds, "I've always had a deep love of power pop. I wanted to add that retro sound but still keep it sounding like the Blizzards.  It was so much fun recording and producing this and we wanted to get that across in the tune." And as for that unforgettable saxophone solo by award winning jazz musician, Ben Castle? "We personally feel there is not enough sax solos in modern pop music. We wanted to help try bring back the glory of the sax solo as it's the worlds sexiest instrument... just behind bag pipes!"

And who can forget the legendary video?!

On the back of the summer hit, the band hit all the Irish festivals they possibly could including Listowel's Revival, Le Cheile, and of course, Electric Picnic!

It's been a great year for The Blizzards, but 2018 is about to be even better! The band have spent the past few months writing their upcoming album due out in spring next year and will kick off the new year in the studio where they're recording for the month of January!

Though you'll have to wait a little bit longer to hear some new music, you can always enjoy the Blizzards Christmas track from last year!

Happy New Year, The Blizzards! We can't wait to get the new album out into the world!