The 2017 Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow

We're only a few weekends away from Electric Picnic, and we're so excited to reveal the first batch of acts announced for our favourite stage... the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow!

Of course, the carnival ringmaster himself will be performing but he'll also be joined by some of our other acts including KORMAC, THE BLIZZARDS, and R.S.A.G.! Bantum, WOLFF, Jem Mitchell, Interference and the Frank and Walters have also been announced. Joining the JFES for the first time is drag icon, Veda and the Witches, alongside our favourite sideshow sweethearts, The Pony Girls and Foxy P Cox.

"The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow promises once again to be a highlight of this year’s Picnic, delivering three debauched days and nights of mind blowing, soul bending entertainment. "


Stay tuned for more acts to be announced in the coming days and weeks! And don't forget to check out what we're up to this weekend:

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